How did it all begin?

Proudly based in regional Victoria, Australia we are a team of problem solvers with global experience.

The world is creating 2.5 quintillion pieces of data every day, which is a, frankly, inconceivable amount. As technology that creates data becomes more accessible and the value of data becomes more invaluable we understood that clients will need a smart, secure way to store and use this data. We have built a solution that brings in data from all sources. From a spreadsheet, via the API of other service providers or connecting straight to on-farm tech, we provide a one-stop data storage and analysis solution that gives our customers the choice of who they work with and what technology they invest in.

We've kept this visionary thinking alive and our CEO and Founder Andy Clark leads a team that is on the cutting edge of new and emerging technologies. AutumnAg is here for you to use now, while also building for the future.

How we work

Proudly independent, we live and work by the motto "Your Land, Your Business, Your Data". We know that data is one of the most important assets you own so we won't share your data, sell your data or use it for any other purpose.